Clearing clutter is a huge part of getting your home ready for a sale. Even if you’re not hiring a staging company, having a clean, fresh home that buyers can easily imagine themselves in is key. Plus they’ll be able to see the details better. 

Once you list your home there’s no telling how quickly it will be sold. Sometimes your agent can negotiate the closing date to be convenient, others a fast closing is a necessity. You may be able to rent the house back from the owners once it’s sold but then you’re spending money you don’t need to on top of an already expensive moving process.

Getting the organization out of the way means that when it comes time to pack, you’ve already done most of the legwork. You don’t want to be frantically throwing your things into boxes the night before the moving truck is scheduled to arrive. Save yourself the headache. Here are four tips to help you get organized.


Sort your things into a keep, giveaway, maybe and trash pile. Put your keeps back neatly, donate your giveaways, put your maybes in a box to be revisited before or after you move and take your trash to the curb.


Make sure you give yourself plenty of time – you don’t want to be stressed and rushed through the process. Factor into different amounts of times for different rooms or kinds of items. For example going through your bedroom may take longer than going through your living room; sorting through your closet may take longer than sorting through your papers. Leave extra time in case you get held up with something – you may be surprised.


Shred and recycle any paper you don’t need. Magazines, newspapers, documents, receipts – whatever you don’t need get rid of it. Paper can add up to majorly clutter your home.


Start now, if you’re reading this you should probably start. Block off some time to get started to prevent procrastination. 

Good luck!

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