We love our new location in Union Square! Come visit our neighborhood by attending one of several upcoming events being hosted in the area.


Greater Boston has so many great neighborhoods to choose from, but Union Square is a frontrunner for those looking to experience a fun and diverse community. Not only is it the home of Branch Out Realty, but it is also home to many other great small businesses and lively happenings. The community of Union Square is extremely vibrant and the area often hosts many fun activities throughout the year. Want to get in on the action? Check out our list for some of the top events coming to Union Square this season!



Saturday, August 11

Ignite Festival

Ignite Festival has been hosted in Union Square for the past five years and there are no plans to stop this tradition. The celebration was put in place to recognize the vibrant diversity that Union Square has to offer and to allow individuals to share their cultures with those in the neighborhood. Local restaurants bring their best cuisine to share and various dance performances from around the world put on a lively show. Bring your friends and your family to this special event for all to enjoy!


Saturday, August 18

Somer Fest

One thing that is very much alive and well in Union Square is the local art scene. The square’s Somer Fest is a unique blend of artistry, comedy, music, magic, and performing arts. The event is 21+ so leave the kids at home for this event and enjoy a night away with adult beverages and lots of zany performances! Local comedians will keep you entertained at this festival meant to bring the community together in the best way possible – through laughter and creativity!


Saturday, August 25 – Sunday, August 26

Union Improv Festival

Keeping up with Somerville’s love for local theater and comedy, the Union Improv Festival comes to the neighborhood each year to encourage troupes of hilarious individuals to come together and perform for you. You can view the schedule in advance to hand select the performances you attend or you can just show up and be surprised! If you love comedy shows, this festival will be perfect for you. Come see why Union Square is always keeping its residents entertained!


Saturday, September 22

Fluff the 13th

Keeping with tradition, everyone’s favorite festival returns this September with Fluff the 13th, an entire day dedicated to that sweet, marshmallowy substance called Fluff, which was developed in Union Square itself. This festival is all-encompassing with performances, contests, showcases, activities, and so much fluff! It’s most definitely a favorite amongst the locals so it is not to be missed if you haven’t been to one in the past.