We just discovered Gravity Furnaces

Gravity FurnacePictured above is a Gravity Furnace. I was cold calling through Waltham, MA for a client of mine and came across something I had not seen before in Public Record. Next to ‘heat type’ where it usually states OIL, GAS or ELECTRIC it said GRAVITY. Since I had never seen this before I had to look into it, how could GRAVITY be the source of heat for a home!?

To my surprise, a Gravity Furnace system is a real thing and  used to be very common when heating homes. Instead of pressurizing and blowing air through vents in your home, a gravity furnace would use only gravity to move the warm air around. The operation of the system is pretty basic. When the furnace is turned on, in the basement, it burns whatever fuel is operating your system and produces heat. That heat is vented through ductwork to the top level of the home using, you guessed it, gravity. On the way to the top level the hot air exits vents as it travels and releases heat into the room. Now as you probably have already guessed this is NOT an efficient way to heat a home. These furnaces can last forever with very few repairs needed but they are on average only 50% efficient!! Newer furnaces have efficiency ratings of up to 95%! 

If you have a furnace that looks like an octopus odds are you have a gravity heating system. If you would like to explore the option of having it replaced we have trusted contractors that we can refer you too. Replacing your system will drastically reduce your heating bill. If you have one of these please send us a picture we’d love to see how many of these are still being used and how it’s been working for you!