Only 5 miles outside of Boston, Medford accents are thick and community pride runs deep. Many families have called the town home for generations.

The fourth oldest English settlement in America, Medford was founded in 1630. The recently revamped river walk and locally owned shops and restaurants foster a sense of small-town charm. It was the home of Fannie Farmer, author of Boston Cooking-School Cook Book revolutionized American cooking, the town referred to in the famous song Jingle Bells and the birthplace of roller skates. Medford includes over 24 public parks for residents and features a diverse food scene. Its proximity to the city and great local atmosphere make it a great place for young professionals and families alike.

Brooks Estate

The Brooks Estate neighborhood is a small neighborhood near the Commuter Rail. The historic Shepard Brooks Estate offers many great trails for walking or running.
Lawrence Estates

The Lawrence Estates is a laid back residential neighborhood, close to everything, and perfect for people who are looking for a peaceful area close to the city.
North Medford

North Medford is a popular residential area with Wrights Pond and Fells Park providing plenty of green space for residents.
The Hillside

The Hillside Avenue Historic District in Hillside includes fifteen properties on Hillside and Grand View Avenues near the downtown area of the city.
West Medford

West Medford is a quiet commuter neighborhood with lots of green space and a lake.
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