Somerville cultivates a diverse community of families, students, young professionals, and academics. The charming mix of old and new has made Somerville a hub for local innovation and culture. 

Joining unique institutions like Sacco’s candlepin bowling and The Pub are Assembly Row, Aeronaut Brewing’s science and food hub, a revitalized Union Square, and the first Green Line expansion in three decades. The bar scene includes some of the best watering holes in Boston while the rows of historic townhouses give the area a small town feel. There’s easy access to Boston and Cambridge via the many T and bus stops throughout the area.

Ten Hills

Ten Hills is an area running along the Mystic River in an area that with Victorian multifamilies lining the streets.
Union Square

Union Square is a vibrant neighborhood with a booming economy, thriving business district, and innovative community.
West Somerville

West Somerville is a quiet, primarily residential area that is a pleasant place to work, sleep, and live.
Winter Hill

Winter Hill is experiencing a culinary reawakening and a surge in popularity
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